Value Inn



PNR Inc. is committed to constantly making improvements and value additions to their motels and businesses.

We have very sound future plans for Value Inn so that it can provide its customers not only a good night sleep but also an experience of resort like amenities at affordable prices.

We are working on following additions to be completed by Fall of 2006

  • Convenient Store - Our customers need not to step out for any mundane things.

  • Breakfast lounge - A more spacious seating lounge for the breakfast.

  • Game room - Having games like pool, video games etc.

  • More Jacuzzi suites - With the growing demand for our affordable Jacuzzi suites, we are planning to add more Jacuzzi suites  for couples and now for families also.

And following by Summer of 2007

  • Indoor all seasons swimming pool.

To Find Out More Call: 570. 588.1100

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